Fancy Dress


The 1980s boasts some of the most iconic characters from music, TV and film.


It was a decade that committed outrageous crimes against fashion in clothes and hairstyles alike, power suits with massive shoulder pads, shell suits, leg warmers, huge quiffs and giant mobile phones!

Do you remember when leg warmers made you feel footloose? Or when a young boy could transform into a superhero by consuming a banana?! The fashion trends of the 1980s were (unbelievably at the time) considered ultra stylish, but they now translate into fantastic fancy dress.

Jack Up The 80s Fancy Dress

At Jack Up The 80s there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t join the trend!  Some choose to go as loveable 80s characters like Kermit The Frog, the Honey Monster, He-Man & Super Mario, others transform themselves into well known 80s icons with Ghostbusters costumes, Street Fighter fancy dress and She-ra outfits. Who will you be?

Last years Jack Up The 80s saw cult 80s icons joining in with the party including JR Ewing, John McEnroe, Boy George, Kiss, Toyah, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Princess Diana. Some of the most popular themes included New Romantics, Neon Clubbers, Ska, New Wave & 80s workout wear. There’s plenty more to choose from so if it’s Mr.T, Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson, you won’t have to be caught short without the bare essentials!

Poodle perms, mullets and over the top extras are all featured on the crime sheet, so take a peek at the various wigs and accessories available from our traders to completely capture the retro look.